Posted: Aug 24, 2018 8:06 am
by Thomas Eshuis
Dolorosa wrote:
Thomas Eshuis wrote:You admit you don't know what my endgame is so how can you assess whether it is working? I have no 'endgame'.

Well, given David's history or more specifically the history of people berating him, it doesn't look like he'd be coming to his senses any time soon, if ever.

Could be, I am not that emotionally invested in it all and I think that's something you seem to misunderstand.
It takes very little energy and no frustration from me to simply rebut his claims.
It neither angers me, nor exhausts me.

Thomas Eshuis wrote:Let me ask you the same question: Why are bothering with whether my posts are working or not? What's your endgame?

Oh, the reason is simple - curiosity. I am a black sheep here. I don't know anyone and am not in on all the in-house jokes and politics. To me even if things do appear black and white the question of 'why' persists - so I dig. It's the sort of conversation that most would have in private, however, I don't like talking about people behind their backs and am not too keen on PMs. So, I apologise if this seemed a bit inquisitorial and out of place. I hope you don't take offence to my posing those questions. I certainly didn't mean to single you out. Anyway, I realise that my butting in is not going to solve this ancient conflict so I shall bow out and leave you guys in peace.[/quote]
It did not seem inquisitorial, but it did seem you were assuming things about me and my investment in this thread.
I welcome outside perspectives on my posts, so don't worry about that. :thumbup: