Posted: Oct 02, 2019 11:12 pm
by Spinozasgalt
Thommo wrote:
Spinozasgalt wrote:I'm not really interested in leopards. I decided to look for the tree.

Did you find it?

It's not whether or not I found it, but whether or not I enjoyed the search. And, to be honest, I did. I played some chilled music and had a bowl of homemade mac and cheese, had an evening in with it and made a night of it.

Thommo wrote:ETA: Also leopards aren't really interested in you either, so don't be thinking you're all that just because your hands once touched as you passed in the elevator and your eyes met for that one brief, entrancing heartbeat of held breath.

I am better than all leopards. They have spots? So what? I have freckles. You don't see me sleeping in the dirt because of it.