Posted: Feb 26, 2020 10:05 pm
by theropod_V_2.0
OK, here’s why this should be a big hit with exobiologist. Up until now there was no, zero nadda shred of evidence that anaerobic organisms could, or did, develop complex multicellular organisms here on earth. Don’t even try to bring colonial forms into the conversation. Those colonies are not what is under discussion here. Now we have an example that establishes such is an empirical reality. Since we now know of just such an example arising here, the possibility of nature repeating, or expanding upon, this type of anaerobic life form on an alien world is no longer an exercise in mental gymnastics. If it happened here it could happen many other places, and exobiologist now have a working example “in hand” they did not have before. The mere idea of such an anaerobic organism was, until now, pure conjecture. Unless one chooses to assert that complex life is limited to earth this is a paradigm shift.

If my detractors can’t, or won’t, see how this is a major spark in the study of life not just here on earth, but across the universe, I am no worse for wear. However it is, and will be.

Now, let’s wait for the reactions, and see what we see.