Posted: Jun 26, 2010 10:43 am
by Rumraket
CharlieM wrote:But they must be already present in the population in order to be chosen.

Yes, and what "makes" them present, so that selection can act on them, is a combination of duplications, random mutations and gene-shufflings. Evolution experiments have shown that mutations, shufflings and geneduplications can create novel information which natural selection can act upon.

CharlieM wrote:This is more a conservative feedback mechanism than a creative form producing force. My argument lies in the attributes of the creative force not in the selection mechanism.

Yes, selection is not the "creating" system, the genetic replication mechanisms like Duplications, mutations and shufflings are. Selection just acts on them once they are in place. Both systems exist and are observed to function : the novel information producing system and the selection for fitness system.

Additionally, we have 500-700 million years of fossils(in correct chronological order), combined with ALL the other lines of evidence to support the theory of evolution. There is nothing left to debate. The "creative force" is a combination of gene-duplications, random mutations and gene-shuffling, the selection is competitive and environmental, the result is what we see. The case is settled.