Posted: Jul 03, 2010 2:47 am
by CharlieM
I'd like to reply to lots of comments and questions directed at me in the past few days. Its a problem finding the time and when I rush replies I find that I usually make a mess of what I want to say. I hope to reply to at least some of them. I'll start with the last one I read.

So, let's double check what should be the easy step. CharlieM, do you have a problem with the basic outline of evolutionary theory ? You accept common ancestry and descent with modification ?

I believe that life on earth started with a single cell of some sort and developed into what we now witness, so I have no problem with common ancestry. Descent with modification sound good to me, the original descent being a sort of condensation from above. :lol:

I believe that life is a lot more complex than we imagine, that natural selection fits an organism to its environment and selects from variation in the breeding population. And I do think that some mutations can be beneficial.

I think our main difference of opinion is in how much of the genetic variability is due to chance.