Posted: Jul 06, 2010 12:49 am
by CharlieM
I wrote:
A few evolutionary facts have been given which I presume are supposed to argue against my position. The ones I can recall are:
A monkeyflower turning into a monkeyflower, a peppered moth turning into a peppered moth and hydrogen producing bacteria turning into hydrogen producing bacteria. I have no problem with these examples of evolution.

This is merely the wholly absurd regurgitation of the "I've never seen a cat give birth to a dog" piece of creationist scientific illiteracy. Which, apart from being scientifically illiterate, is a duplicitous strawman caricature of evolutionary theory erected for mendacious apologetic purposes.

Not exactly. This is the evidence I have been presented with. This to me only demonstrates the plasticity of types to adapt to their environment.

I have no problem with humanity emerging through all the forms from a single cell to what we are today, so if you presented me with solid evidence that we were once aquatic, fish-like beings, I'd say, well done, but it doesn't affect the way I envision evolution happening.