Posted: Jul 12, 2012 12:49 am
by Mayak

Really interesting seven part series from Norway. I think the host is a popular comedian from their country, but each episode deals with a different topic in society but they all relate around the theme of nature vs nurture.

Each side makes really good points, I sometimes feel the nurture side brushes off any suggestion that nature plays some role, but they seem to do it in a way that says until you bring "acceptable" evidence we really don't have much to say. Which is fair, but you would think the newborn study by Baron-Cohen would be somewhat acceptable?

I wonder in cases where women have higher than normal testosterone levels, if there is a pattern from those women to prefer things and tasks associated with men? Would this be acceptable evidence?

I'm not really ready to bank everything on nurture(society) as the only player but maybe someone has a video with some really up to date evidence, research? It seems like with all the new technology out today somebody would have cracked this puzzle!