Posted: Apr 29, 2010 8:45 am
by Doubtdispelled
Lazar wrote:My undergrad course had a set of session on hypnosis. I was a very devoted fundie back then so i refused to participate BUT I got to watch. They used a tape associated with the Stanford hypnosis susceptibility scale and the results in terms of following instructions given on the tape both during the session and slightly afterward were impressive. The question however, is whether it is anything more than a neat party trick. Results from meta analysis on smoking cessation are not encouraging with results suggesting that there is little evidence that it is any more effective than non-treatment. An extended abstract can be found here

Sorry :(

Yeah, I've read that too, about the results on smoking, I mean. :( I think I'm in the process of attempting to convince myself that I really do want to stop before I go in for any sessions, aware that it isn't a magic cure.

What was the reasoning behind your refusal to participate, Lazar? How did your particular religion view hypnosis?