Posted: Apr 29, 2010 9:03 am
by Lazar
Doubtdispelled wrote:
Yeah, I've read that too, about the results on smoking, I mean. :( I think I'm in the process of attempting to convince myself that I really do want to stop before I go in for any sessions, aware that it isn't a magic cure.

Yes. Many psychs talk about the central importance of change readiness as being central to any meaningful change. There is a fair bit of research on the Transtheoretical model of change in relation to smoking change readiness which is probably the most dominate therapy framework for smoking. There is some literature on it which a quick google search will bring up how the model can be used to frame interventions and increase change readiness. You should be aware that the research on its usefulness is not great with some showing it works really well and others showing it does not work at all.

What was the reasoning behind your refusal to participate, Lazar? How did your particular religion view hypnosis?

I was in the AOG (light bulb and a car away from being Armish) at the time. I think the refusal was a typical fundie reaction to anything I did not understand. That is to treat it with fear and distrust. It was suggested by my Christian group leader at the time that it was the devils work and too much like witchcraft and as the leader of the university witnessing group (I ran groups which proselytized to university student) it was inappropriate for me to participate.....Now in my non-religious days I really wish I had not been such a moron and could have given it a go for fun.