Posted: Apr 29, 2010 3:14 pm
by ConnyRaSk
Doubtdispelled wrote:
I've always wondered about self-hypnosis, Conny. How do you, having put yourself under, as it were, then end the session?
That's interesting about your daughter. Did she have any other form of pain relief?

For the "talk myself into being sleepy" that is easy, as it is just part of a "ritual" and i use an alarm clock. Basically i just talk myself into relaxing all my limbs and feeling comfortable enough to fall asleep. Self-hypnosis= self talk+ relaxation technique.

The dentist my daughter went to is also the head of the dentists using hypnosis organisation in this country. It is rather funny, because it was i who introduced him to the idea of using this technique with all the kids he treats. He got curious and i sent him info in from the USA and UK (and translated some of it for him) and now this is his "fame".
He used an audio tape with my daughter. He first asked her, what is her favourite place to go on holiday and when she said the beach, that is the tape he gave her. The tape apparently includes a part that says, you are so at ease that your body will help itself to heal all the wounds it has, and any discomfort these wounds have while healing will be hardly noticeable... or something like that.

(Unfortunately there was some kind of argument she had with him over a filling that kept falling out and she wont go back to him.)

As to my other uses of self-hypnosis ( less these days than before ) i will set a kitchen timer or my cell phone and i as i relax i tell myself that i will wake just before the alarm, "or in X minutes from now" and it works in 8 out of 10 times.
I also tell myself as i relax, that should any emergency arise, i will be alert and ready to act on it. That is a good thing to say to self in order to be able to fully let oneself "go under". It was the best advice i got from a hypnotherapist 20 years ago. Before that i was unable to relax enough, as my inner -always questioning- self kept wondering "will i miss any clue? "will i be able to awaken in case of..(xyz)?"

BTW, i have yet to find a way to curb my appetite for sweets and cakes with self-hypnosis.... alas :whine: