Posted: Apr 29, 2010 9:20 pm
by Doubtdispelled
babel wrote:
That is also true of many other things, Babel.

Just out of curiosity, could you tell me what other things require the right mindset in order to work?

Things that require the 'right mindset' either of one, or of both the practitioner, and the patient, or practicee, for want of a better word?

We could go through the alphabet, although it's a sure thing I won't be able to think of something for each letter so I'll go for just a few.

Acupuncture. CBT. Chiropractic. Hypnosis. Learning. NLP. Osteopathy. Psychotherapy. Zen meditation.

Which are real, and which are woo? All apparently require the participants to be in the correct frame of mind for success. The human brain is a strange and mysterious place that as of now we understand very little. Some things work for some people, and not for others. Some people think that Chiropractic is woo, but I was relieved of severe pain in three sessions by (what I came to think of as) a very skilled practitioner. Did I just 'believe' that she could take away the pain I had suffered for months? Who knows.

I know a man who, suffering from severe difficulties in his intimate life, refused to go for therapy because he said he knew he would 'fight against it.' Was he right not to go, already anticipating failure, or should he have gone anyway, not realising that the 'wrong mindset' would guarantee failure? And then the therapist could claim it was his fault, and correctly at that.