Posted: Jul 03, 2013 2:10 pm
by Ironclad
talkietoaster wrote:Are anti-depressants a valid way in dealing with depression at all? Do tablets help your overall recovery (if thats possible) is it just a managing medication?

I was wondering for people perspectives because I would think tablets are only there to help manage someones condition while they use the talking therapies to help their recovery like counselling, Cognitive Behavioural therapy etc...

For me they were a valid recovery aid but they were essential for me as councelling therapy was to be a long time coming.
I switched to SNRIs after a couple of years, I'd heard these new breed of pills were a little like MDMA, but just like prozac they were side effect evil for me. Though l do gather these are 'better' for many.
CBT just didn't cut it for me, l had better joy with psychotherapy & SSRIs. Oh, for me about five years on pills was enough. The therapy was the real key to escape my depression but the drugs were the life saver.

Four years (ish) on, no pills or relapsing. I demanded to the doctor that I was to take a reducing scheme, despite him insisting that it's fine to take the for life, and here we are. So yes, the therapies all work. So use them if you need them. :)