Posted: Sep 27, 2014 7:55 am
by Fallible
igorfrankensteen wrote:
Fallible wrote:
patriksveti wrote:I never said at any point that the differences are greater than similarities. We are all homo sapiens. But there are people who deny the existence of ANY differences. One of which is the difference in incarceration tendencies. Similar to pregnancy tendencies....

I've never met anyone who thinks there are no differences between the sexes. Who are these people?

Really. Age 41, and you've never met anyone who thinks there are no differences between the sexes?

Correct. That is in fact what I said.

Interesting. I am a fifth of a century your senior, and the generation I was a part of, was PACKED with people at least claiming to believe that everything was NURTURE. No NATURE involved with sexual differences at all. Did they really all die out or fade away in that short a time?

I have no idea, because I can't work out what you're saying. How does this refute what I said?

It was all political of course.

Same thing today, lots of people claiming to believe that someone is or isn't inherently something, so that they can gain political or social advantage over them. That's what all the generality prejudices are about.

These days, rather than demanding that there's no difference between the sexes, in order to promote gender equality under the law and in social situations (which was why people in my era lied to themselves about this), the effort is being forced in the other direction, declaring that there ARE huge inherent differences, but it's so that INEQUALITIES under the law can be excused, and has nothing at all to do with discovering or recognizing factual information.

Kind of ironic, really. One set of people lying to reinforce what ought to be true, and another set of people promoting facts, in order to support oppression.

I don't understand how people insisting someone is or isn't inherently something, or something to do with NATURE, shows there are or were people who see no difference between the sexes. I mean in the vast majority of cases, even a cursory glance will tell anyone with half a brain that there are quite a few differences.