Posted: May 31, 2015 1:03 pm
by Keep It Real
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
Keep It Real wrote:
LoneWolfEburg wrote:
I don't know why I'm not homophobic. It seems understandable to me.

So, you yourself are a counter-example to your reasoning on how Darwinian organisms should feel. Furthermore, since a lot of people are not homophobic, you can't be said to represent an extremely unique anomaly in this regard. Consequently, it appears that your initial premises are flawed, and Darwinian organisms, for good or for ill, do not operate the way you assume them to - not always, at least.

That's the mystery in my mind - why everybody isn't homophobic. Maybe some people are so sure of their sexual orientation they refuse to believe they could catch teh gay. Perhaps we're right; perhaps not.

Perhaps people don't actually think it's wrong/bad/whatever to be non-straight.

A plausible hypothesis...perhaps the winner.