Posted: Jun 15, 2015 4:17 am
by Darwinsbulldog
I think that homophobia is exclusively based on religious dogma. Religious dogma has dominated all cultures for thousands of years, because it is an excellent carrot and stick to control the tribe. A tribe united in purpose will tend to survive. Unfortunately, it was only the more modern Anthropologists that could look at cultures in a relatively objective, or at least intersubjective sense, and by that time, most tribes with more pluralistic world views on deities and empirical evidence had either vanished or radically changed in their original character.

Humans, being animals that can model their modelling, often ask existential questions, and religion have been quick to answer such questions, but in an authoritative, rather than in an empirical manner. As monotheistic religions took hold, there was less and less diversity of opinion on these existential questions, as religions plagiarized and adapted origin stories for their own ends.

Science has been chipping away at these "supernaturalistic" claims made by religions. suggesting natural causes for many puzzles of existence, including the origin of life, and the significance of death and sex in our history.

Another cultural trend is the magnification of sexually dimorphic traits. Men are generally larger and more powerful, but in some sense, so anxious about female power [particularly in reproduction], that they seek to deny it, or denigrate it. Women are seen as something inferior, and homosexuality was one escape from this dilemma that females a both essential and attractive, but also highly flawed human beings, if indeed they are regarded as human beings at all.
But the essence of the matter is social control. Homophobia is just one more way to have control over sex. Love between humans is also hijacked, and directed to the deity. If a religion can control sex, then it can re-direct these energies into the service of god, or rather, the service of lessor beings in conforming to, or even promoting the wishes of the leadership.

In short, religion is a tool to control the masses from cradle to grave, and [absurdly] beyond.