Posted: Jun 20, 2015 11:38 am
by SpeedOfSound
Keep It Real wrote:After posting in another thread it seems to me there is a large environmental component in sexual orientation formation. Would not a Darwinian organism wish to avoid exposure to possibly transmissible homosexuality memes? I'm not homophobic but I think it is understandable. I don't know why I'm not homophobic. It seems understandable to me.

I don't know what the hell homophobic is supposed to mean. We should be clear before we try to cure it.

I react viscerally to seeing two men kiss. Not a pleasant feeling but certainly not intolerable. I do turn away from some sex scenes in GOT and I did close my eyes at Brokeback Mountain during part of the tent scene.

If that is what you are talking about then judging me for it, trying to cure me or change me, is the same as some christian ass trying to cure gays.

I suggest if homophobia bothers you then you are overall biophobic and perhaps becoming the bigot you hate.