Posted: Jun 20, 2015 12:17 pm
by SpeedOfSound
Scot Dutchy wrote:How about two women kissing? Or heavy lesbian sex scenes?

Would you close your eyes?

Doesn't bothering me at all to see women doing it.

There are some odd exceptions that have surprised me recently. The James Randi doc left me emotionally involved with him and his partner in much the way I would be with a man/women romantic movie. Another is the series Sense8. Didn't bother me at all.

Another odd thing is that I have become far less tolerant of hetero sex scenes in movies as I age. I never really liked them to being with but now they just bore me. But in a different way to seeing two men kiss. And I ain't no prude. If I want to watch porn I watch porn. I just get tired of seeing it in my movies.

Now in Sense8 the sex was not gratuitous. It belonged in the story. Maybe that's it.

Anyway. When I react thus I have a ready image of my father and his whiskers taken from when he used to play with me when I was six or younger. A very mixed bag of emotions. At some point that repelled me. Probably around eight years old. I think that perfectly natural.

Bitch about Biology is never going to get us anywhere. Understanding what biology does to our minds will. I stick to my argument that changing my innate homophobia is no different than trying to pray homosexuals straight. Let's not be hypocrites just because it's the trendy modern thing to do.

Another reaction of note to sexuality is running into a scantily dressed attractive women too young for me. I don't normally notice but I have a few friends who want to go all wolf and point them out. They AFFECT me and I resent it. It's like someone slapped me. I don't like being slapped and I don't even like being touched. Unless I invite it.

There is a complicated interplay of emotions around sexuality and I spend a lot of time introspecting emotions and the secondary images of the invoked imaginings. These are all quite natural and even seem to make a lot of sense when considering evolution. I think the guys that feel the need to harass gays are reacting to the same primal emotions that I simply feel without action. They construct a bigoted attitude and belief system to make sense of and hide the uncomfortable feelings. Guys like that are likely to take that 'being slapped' feeling I get with seeing attractive women and turn it into sexual harassment and violence.

Now here it is. IF you are trying to get us to suppress what we are actually feeling, ignore biological innate feelings by shaming those who have them, then the violence, misunderstanding, violation of human rights, and hatred will never be mended.