Posted: Jun 20, 2015 12:40 pm
by SpeedOfSound
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
Keep It Real wrote:What do you think are the causes of non religious homophobia Mr Eshuis?

I already mentioned that in my first post: a general fear instinct in humans of the alien, in this case manifesting as homophobia because the notion is so strange and incomprehensible to the homophobe that he instinctively dislikes it.
This is excluding of course self-hating homosexuals, which is mostly due to societal norms and pressure.

Really? You don't think it's normal biology for same sex conspec's to repel a little and opposites to attract?

But granted we have tribal customs to keep the people in the minorities oppressed and at the edges of the village. That's the fear of the alien I guess. Though I would not characterize my gay friends as alien without some regret.