Posted: Jun 20, 2015 12:53 pm
by SpeedOfSound
tolman wrote:
SpeedOfSound wrote:I don't know what the hell homophobic is supposed to mean. We should be clear before we try to cure it.

I react viscerally to seeing two men kiss. Not a pleasant feeling but certainly not intolerable. I do turn away from some sex scenes in GOT and I did close my eyes at Brokeback Mountain during part of the tent scene.

If that is what you are talking about then judging me for it, trying to cure me or change me, is the same as some christian ass trying to cure gays.

I suggest if homophobia bothers you then you are overall biophobic and perhaps becoming the bigot you hate.

Personally, I do have an active aversion to imagining (let alone watching) two men having sex, but I could say something similar about imagining or watching all manner of straight couples having sex, including couples who were much older than me, underage, related to me, friends of mine, or particularly unattractive*.

And my reaction to that aversion is to avoid imagining such things, rather than imagining them and then wallowing in disgust**.
It does seem to me that the latter of those two options is the one often chosen by homophobic people.

(*and while I don't have the any real aversion to brief glimpses of 'acceptable' straight people having sex, I'm not hugely drawn to it, and my imagining sex really doesn't involve any males who aren't me)

(**though I did used to find a quick imagining of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher making the beast with two backs an excellent cure for any unwanted arousal)

Agreed. But you see the subtlety here don't you? We have taken 'homophobic' and made it about bigoted attitudes and beliefs. What word do we use for just having the feeling of not wanting to see sex that does not attract us?

There si the feeling or emotion and then there is the cultural fabric and then above all that there is the belief and opinion. The latter being where the word bigot came from in the first place.

But it seems to me that if we understand our biology we can do something about behavior when our biology rears it's often ugly head. If we pretend we don't have feelings of repulsion ever then we are more likely to find them coloring our beliefs.

Ina sense in the California kind of world it is still a sin to have certain feelings. Only in Hollywood that set of sinful feelings changes around about every twenty years.