Posted: Apr 09, 2016 3:10 am
by laklak
Hobbes Choice wrote:
laklak wrote:I've been shooting pool for over 50 years. Sometimes the goddamn things do whatever they want.

So on topic - can you explain your strange behaviour in terms of Darwinian Evolution. Does the ability to play pool badly, increase the reproductive success of your genes. If so which ones?
Should scientists be stumped by your persistence in trying to get pretty coloured balls down holes, whilst avoiding potting other ones? Or is it obvious how this practice furnishes the ecosystem with lots of your viable progeny?

Dear God I hope not. Progeny are terribly expensive and highly overrated, and the little ones shit themselves regularly. However, playing pool, whether you're Fast Eddy or a rank amateur, does increase your odds of getting laid. Pool usually implies booze, and booze lubricates social (and more intimate) intercourse.

Perhaps my selfish genes are ultimately responsible for my younger self's obsession with shagging as many women as possible, but genes are actually pretty stupid. They don't understand condoms, for example.