Posted: Feb 07, 2017 10:53 am
by aban57
My best friend and I had a heated discussion yesterday. She tested a micro-physiotherapist a year ago. This disciplin, created in Franc by 2 physiotherapists in France in the 80's, claims to be able to force your body to heal itself of the physical traumas caused by psychological strong events.
Basically, the guy manipulates you, like any PT, and "senses" places in your body where a trauma didn't heal properly. The manupulation, repeating the initial trauma in a smaller way, "restarts" the healing process.
The guy she saw was able to associate physical traumas to actual events he could guess and point out in time by giving the year it happened, including thinks almost no one knew.

To me, this looks a lot like bullshit. Some points bother me however.

First, these people usually work on a single session. Con artists work by making you want to come back, paying more and more sessions. Of course, one could ague that word of mouth brings more people, but for this kind of pseudo-medecine, I'm not sure it's that effective.
Second, somatic symptom disorder is real. Physical manifestation of a psychological problem. Could it be dected by simply touching a person? I highly doubt that.
Third, in the case where the answer to the previous question is yes, is it possible to deduce the precise year of the trauma ? Not a chance.

So how did he know ? Is it a mix of cold and hot reading ? Possible, but unlikely, as some of the information he provided would have been impossible to get.
Reminds me of this :