Posted: Jul 19, 2017 6:30 pm
by Keep It Real
zulumoose wrote:The thing is, when you are losing perspective, you can't really tell, because everything is still in keeping with your new perspective.

As in "I'm not paranoid now, this time they really are out to get me"

I have had some experience of losing perspective, and always it seemed correct at the time, only long afterwards did I realise how distorted it was.

I can only suggest staying in regular contact with people you trust, and making it a habit to count their perspective on your behaviour as more reliable than your own, as well as taking a loss of that habit as a significant enough development to make seeking help fairly urgent.

When I had my last psychotic episode the first thing I did was walk to the local loonie bin to try and get some help. It was the weekend and they were closed. So the next thing I did was go to a neighbouring town and knock on the door of their loonie bin. It was the middle of the night though and nobody replied. So it seems that, when psychosis takes hold, my first reaction is to try and find a psychiatrist to cure me of the psychosis. I'm not going to throw my meds away this time though so will hopefully reach for them if psychosis takes hold. I've been psychotic so many times now, and have been brought back to sanity by psychiatrists and antipsychotics so many times, that I'm pretty confident I'll reach for the crisis team and my meds if I go psychotic - it's deeply ingrained in my thoughts by now. I'm going home from my mum's tomorrow but am returning on wednesday so they can check up on me. I'm sure that if they say I need antipsychotics I will comply.