Posted: Jul 22, 2017 2:07 pm
by SpeedOfSound
Keep It Real wrote:
tuco wrote: However, a quick look at homophobia in wiki tells me that your hypothesis is not based on correct nor complete assumptions.

That wiki page has more holes than a kilogram of swiss cheese. My homophobia was neither internalised nor institutional and yet there is no mention of it. Methinks there is an agenda at play on that page.

I agree. The agenda baffles me though. Why and the fuck can't we get used to the idea that we are organisms with structure and that structure is behind some of the modern issues we face? I'm afraid to say but violence and rape are in the same condition.

The agenda seems to be to damn anyone who has the feeling and somehow imply that they have sat down and been either cultured or reasoned toward having this feeling. Therefore they be bad and should be damned to hellfire. For those of us who are honest about this that seems fucking ridiculous. I have never had a reasoned issue with homosexuals and nothing in my upbringing cultured me thus. I never heard the word homosexual until i was probably 16 years old. I had gay friends but did not have the means to classify them as such. I rather classified them as my more interesting and less bullying friends.