Posted: Oct 31, 2017 2:58 pm
by Cito di Pense
Keep It Real wrote:All my posts in this thread up until this one the other day were the results of my not thinking clearly because I was zombied out on antipsychotics. I retract them all and ask that everybody please ignore them. Thanks.

So, uh, what is it you claim suddenly to be thinking clearly about? If you're thinking clearly, then SAM has provided everything you need to drop your theory about where the stigma originates. Saying there's a stigma attached to homosexuality because there's a stigma attached to homosexuality doesn't explain how people are repulsed by it.

But let's think about that. There are situations, like what goes on in slaughterhouses, that are horrific, for example due to a conviction about the sentience of livestock and so on, but that are not repulsive without an accompanying conditioning of some kind. Your parents can teach you to be disgusted by all sorts of things, or they can teach you how rationally to be careful without instilling unreasoning fear in you, or you can have enough innate intelligence not to panic about ordinary phenomena.