Posted: Oct 31, 2017 3:08 pm
by Keep It Real
SafeAsMilk wrote:
Keep It Real wrote:
SafeAsMilk wrote:
Keep It Real wrote:Na - there's stigma attached to gay sex cos of the fucking bible -

I don't think so. There's a stigma attached to it because people are repulsed by it, which is why it ended up making it into the Bible. The Bible made it worse, for sure. But the authors didn't just randomly decide it was bad.

Do me a favour SAM you're telling me you can't think of anything else in the bible denoted bad seemingly at random?

Not off the top of my head. There are some bizarre stories in the Bible that to me seem pretty clearly rules contrived based on a single person's experience. But maybe you've got an example or two of rules you think don't relate to anything that existed prior?

No mixed fabrics? No labour on sundays? I'm no expert but I'm sure somebody who's actually read the bible could provide some more examples.