Posted: Oct 31, 2017 3:09 pm
by Keep It Real
Cito di Pense wrote:
Keep It Real wrote:
Cito di Pense wrote: If you're thinking clearly, then SAM has provided everything you need to drop your theory about where the stigma originates. Saying there's a stigma attached to homosexuality because there's a stigma attached to homosexuality doesn't explain why people are repulsed by it.

Read the thread from where I started the other day again. You obviously haven't digested the information yet. No disrespect - social science isn't your bag as you said earlier.

Yeah, you wrote this:

Keep It Real wrote:Na - there's stigma attached to gay sex cos of the fucking bible

That's packed with valuable insights from the social sciences.

Fine, keep your head in your ass. Nuff disrespect.