Posted: Oct 31, 2017 4:20 pm
by Thommo
Keep It Real wrote:
Thommo wrote:
Thommo wrote:
Correct I don't give much of a fuck about spelling. Never have; never will. As long as the semantics are preserved who really gives a fuck? Are you seriously suggesting you think I'm stupid? SERIOUSLY!?

Actually, I was just answering a question you asked in another thread:- ... l#p2593904

Take that feeling you've got now, imagine that the former girlfriend felt that way. Or, I dunno, maybe you're just a player hater and jealous of our superior spelling skills or something.

I guess either conclusion is fine.

Nope - I wasn't hating Thommo, I was just kicking off because I'm so frustrated by people in this threads wilful blinkered reluctance to see sense and constant accusations at me that I am being thick/blinkered/stupid.

But your ex girlfriend, she admitted she was hating right? She didn't say she felt frustrated or that you were constantly accusing her of being thick/blinkered/stupid?

I think it's so weird that even having been through the exact experience you can't empathise with her and see there's another perspective (in that thread and in this one) that you're completely ignoring. That maybe (exactly like you) she was pissed off at being made to feel small and wasn't marveling in jealousy of your incredible intellect (just like you're not doing to us, despite knowing that you spelled the word wrong). I can only imagine what your reaction would have been if I'd pointed out the error in your new post (and there was at least one) instead of instantly explaining why I'd posted what I did.

The fact is that neither of us mentioned anything like "stupidity" and you immediately felt very belittled and even used the forum EQUIVALENT OF RAISING YOUR VOICE for emphasis.

The fact is, in this thread, there's no evidence of homosexual behaviour in the vast majority of men, whether homophobic or not. Insisting against the evidence that they have homosexual urges just seems deliberately silly to me. But truthfully, I feel little urge to understand homophobia. I expect in another life I could have been conditioned into it, but thankfully I wasn't (well, insofar as I'm wholly opposed to discrimination against gays of any kind) and the story ends there.