Posted: Nov 05, 2017 9:32 am
by Fallible
You seem to be talking about forgiveness rather than empathy. Empathy concerns understanding the feelings and condition of another from their perspective. You say only people who are remorseful deserve it. I am interested as to why you see empathy as a gift you're giving to someone else, rather than a quality and a skill that one possesses.

If you take the example of psychopathy, it is not that difficult to imagine that life for such a person might be experienced a certain way, like, say being concerned about yourself and not caring about others - we often wish we were more like this because we perceive life lived in such a manner, without care for anyone's opinions or feelings, would be rather freeing. Or, like, many of them end up without close friends, and in trouble with the authorities or in prison, an outsider of society, because of what they are. You know how you would feel in that situation, and so you can empathise. That in no way indicates that you approve of or forgive a psychopath's behaviour.