Posted: Nov 05, 2017 3:47 pm
by Fallible
Keep It Real wrote:
Fallible wrote:Empathy concerns understanding the feelings and condition of another from their perspective.

I think that not only does the empathetic person understand other people's perspective, but they feel their pain/joy on an emotional level. I guess it's possible to empathise with confusion/apathy etc ad infinitum but perhaps such things do not illicit an emotional reaction...

I don't know that that's imperative. I wouldn't say I feel all another's emotions, but it depends what you mean. You know what pain feels like, I know what pain feels like. Do we feel exactly the same thing? No way of knowing, but in general, yeah. When you express pain I recognise it, so I understand it. Sometimes when another's pain is more personal to me due to subject matter, I feel it, definitely. Actually I've changed my mind while typing this. I think I do feel it, as an often lightning fast, fleeting sensation.

Apathy used to elicit a very strong emotion in me, actually - frustration.