Posted: Jan 28, 2018 2:53 am
by Keep It Real
Keep It Real wrote:
Fallible wrote:
You see how useless it is to try and diagnose when youre not qualified?

There's a difference between diagnosing a specific (or even generalised) mental illness based on some internet posts and doing it based on 100s of hours of one on one in the flesh dialogue.

Also - I never saw you, or anybody else, pipe up ONCE to smack down any of the relentless slurs against my current mental health status (eg. 17 likes for a comment directed at me saying "get help") despite the fact those slurs are:

A. Based on some internet posts.
B. Not made by competent or qualified mental health practitioners.

But then again as long as somebody's having a pop at me you're down with that right fal? Ironclad had a good point when he tore into you in that thread imo.