Posted: Jan 28, 2018 6:49 am
by Fallible
Keep It Real wrote:
Fallible seem to think psychosis is the only symptom. Not experiencing psychosis is not the same as not experiencing any symptoms.

Do you really think I don't know that fal? Psychosis (the primary positive symptom) was used as an illustrative example in order to make the point more expediently - I didn't think anybody would be pedantic enough to take issue with the fact the other positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia weren't listed...

Yeah, it's someone else's fault that you were caught fiddling about with facts. In your conversation with Shrunk, you were specifically talking about psychosis. Shrunk said that you could go for months without an episode, or that it might never happen. You switched this to having no symptoms in your increasingly desperate attempts to show that schizophrenia can be cured. There's nothing pedantic about noticing your attempts to win an argument by misrepresenting the situation.