Posted: Jan 28, 2018 6:57 am
by Fallible
Keep It Real wrote:
Keep It Real wrote:
Fallible wrote:
You see how useless it is to try and diagnose when youre not qualified?

There's a difference between diagnosing a specific (or even generalised) mental illness based on some internet posts and doing it based on 100s of hours of one on one in the flesh dialogue.

Also - I never saw you, or anybody else, pipe up ONCE to smack down any of the relentless slurs against my current mental health status (eg. 17 likes for a comment directed at me saying "get help") despite the fact those slurs are:

A. Based on some internet posts.
B. Not made by competent or qualified mental health practitioners.

But then again as long as somebody's having a pop at me you're down with that right fal? Ironclad had a good point when he tore into you in that thread imo.

Ah there we go. Took longer than I thought it would, but we're back to the everyone's out to get me and Fallible is a poo poo head bullshit. How is it a slur to suggest you get help? I don't tell you that now because this is how you take it, but believe it or not, I actually care about your well-being and sincerely wish you would. If you don't like people disagreeing with you, or passing comment on what you post, and drawing conclusions based on what you have freely shared about your struggle with mental illness, try not posting drunk.