Posted: Jan 29, 2018 4:40 am
by surreptitious57
Well said Fallible I agree with absolutely every single thing you said there

I have said most of this before but it needs to be said again unfortunately

The opinion of those responding to you KIR is based exclusively on your posting history here and so if you
want more positive responses then you need to change your posting style rather than get into perpetual
arguments with everyone who disagrees with you merely because they do

You complain about seventeen posters wanting you to get help claiming it a slur on your mental
health [ which it is not ] without wondering why they came to that conclusion in the first place

I really hope that you do not persuade your girlfriend of one month that you are qualified to diagnose the specific
mental illness she may be suffering from. Having some knowledge of psychiatric disorders does not automatically
make you a psychoanalyst and so please stop trying to persuade yourself that it does

If you are really serious about becoming a psychoanalyst then you need to address your
own mental health issues first before passing judgement on others such as for example

Having an inflated sense of your intellectual capability which is classic Dunning Kruger
Not taking disagreement very well which references ego and maybe narcissism as well
Being negatively argumentative and persistently so also which is weak impulse control
Not liking being ignored which references ego and narcissism

Please note that this is not me diagnosing your condition like you did with your girlfriend but instead making some objective assessment based on your posting history and my entirely non expert and limited knowledge of psychological states of mind

Please also note that I am only referencing your symptoms here not you so
do not think I am in any way judging you because I am not doing that at all

Also dialogue tends to be more productive when it is not in permanent argument mode