Posted: Feb 10, 2018 4:31 pm
by Keep It Real
Alcohol-Induced Psychosis can be differentiated from schizophrenia by clinical method which can be difficult. It is generally acknowledged that alcohol-induced psychosis discontinues with abstinence unlike schizophrenia. However, it can become more confusing when persistent psychosis progresses. Comorbid psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder may also exist.

I'm somewhat embarrassed to start a thread in this subforum which is so blatantly primarily about my current predicament but hopefully it can be viewed as being illustrative of the wider phenomenon.

In the following paragraph I am not boasting; before anybody says it. Just illustrating the scale of the problem.

All of my recent (roughly since new year) incidences of the police being called on me (total around 60 officers I would guess); being arrested and tortured overnight in a sensory deprivation holding cell (twice - first court appointment in a couple of weeks); being assaulted (6 times and a further 4 or so I managed to defuse) and my intimidating of the local private hospital (twice); hairdressers (3 times); Chinese takeway (3 times); mental healthcare facility (twice) and GCHQ (twice - well; not really possible to intimidate them but stood there anyway - mostly had a laugh with the special law there actually - til I tried to actually walk in that is) occurred when I was very drunk.

Recently I have also noticed some similarities with my schizophrenic psychosis of the past when very drunk - in fact the similarity is uncanny. I remember shouting out "I'm the most precious weapon on the planet!" and believing I was talking to the Chinese government by talking at my laptop, for get the idea. When I sober up though all is good, sane and well...for now.

I wonder whether this alcohol induced psychosis could be an indicator of a pending full blown relapse...I tried to make an appointment to discuss my concerns yesterday when I first properly realised the nature of the problem but they refused to give me an appointment because the mental health staff familiar with me are "on leave until Thursday". Jesus.

All I can do for now is just make sure I stay away from the sauce I guess :dunno: at least it'll be a good defence at the coming court hearings. Thoughts?