Posted: Feb 10, 2018 4:49 pm
by Thommo
That's not sensory deprivation, and I am pretty sure it's not a violation of ECHR. That's just a holding cell.

I'm also concerned that hearing your side of being assaulted 6 times may not be the whole truth either.

Look, I think you need help, but honestly this sounds like an attempt to make an excuse for your antisocial behaviour instead of facing up to the consequences.

I mean it's absolutely clear that you need to stop drinking, but that's been clear a long time, and whilst it would obviously be great for your life if you could do that, it's equally clear you're absolutely not going to. I think that's a great shame for you and a great shame for the victims of your antisocial behaviour.

From my (limited) knowledge of the magistrates courts, I'd suggest contrition rather than excuses and blame-shifting when you're before the bench. Hopefully your solicitor will give you the correct advice about how to behave.