Posted: Feb 10, 2018 6:21 pm
by Keep It Real
surreptitious57 wrote:You are not supposed to drink with many types of medication never mind anti psychotics for five years so this is very reckless

Meh; never caused a problem drinking on antipsychotics.

You say your problems began after you came off them but only because you replaced them with alcohol.

I was drinking just as much on the antipsychotics.

Do you not think you would be better without alcohol altogether.

I do now that I know alcohol induced psychosis is comorbid with schizophrenia, pretty much.

Have you ever been free of both alcohol and anti psychotics or is it simply not an option in your case.

I have £12 in my wallet and it's 18:00 but mutant lions from Hades couldn't drive me down the offy tonight.

Do the mental health staff ever suggest meditation or mindfulness as an alternative or as complementary treatment with medication.


They should not refuse to help when you are psychotic because that is when you most need them

I'm not psychotic now because I'm sober. I need them now because I need letters from them for the court hearing.