Posted: Feb 15, 2018 2:28 pm
by Keep It Real
Keep It Real wrote:
Fallible wrote:Is there an Addaction or anything near you? I think there's one in Stratford and something in Tewkesbury.
There's a CGL

Went there this morning. This complete tool who is supposed to be an addiction councillor started trying to proselytise at me. He started saying "your substance abuse problems are because you're running from something"...I said I didn't know what, and couldn't afford psychoanalysis to find out, if indeed he is right. He kept hammering on about it - that I'm running away from something. I actually thought he might have been suggesting I was a repressed homosexual at first lol but no; eventually he gave a clue and I said "I'm guessing you're a Christian?". Yup - he'd meant I was running from God. Needless to say I gave him both barrels - Abiogenesis; hydrothermal vents; 4.28 billion years ago; the big bang; mixed fabrics; no shellfish; who made God; the inability to choose what one believes so why reward/punish believers/non-believers, the suffering of the innocents...he ended up flapping his arms around and storming off in a humph. And these are the people caring for our vulnerable drug/alcohol addicts. :nono: