Posted: Feb 16, 2018 8:05 am
by Keep It Real
surreptitious57 wrote:His job is to help you get better not force his belief system on you so he is bang out of order

He tried - he failed; miserably.

surreptitious57 wrote:You went there to receive counselling and instead of that he is trying to convert you and the fact that he started doing it immediately without any hesitation tells me his real motivation

I was there because that appointment was a condition of my bail. I no longer have an alcohol or drug problem IMO.

surreptitious57 wrote:There should be a rule preventing counsellers or therapists from even mentioning their belief systems to clients since it has absolutely nothing to do with the treatment they are getting and any doing so should be sanctioned

It was so distasteful and manipulative the way he tried to draw me in :nono: I tried to send the central hub a complaint message from their website reporting him but fucked up the form and lost my long paragraph by accident :doh: I think I'm going to go there again today and terrorise investigate further.

surreptitious57 wrote:Either that or to avoid conflict of interest they only treat clients with the same belief system as them

He might be a lone rogue bad apple. I'll find out today if the covert Christianity is ubiquitous within the organisation and if so I'll report them to the council. Mission.