Posted: Mar 01, 2018 3:23 pm
by John Platko
Keep It Real wrote:RE the OP; there has been a significant development on this issue. If anybody want to know I will of course KIR.

I'm interested.

For about the last year my family has been dealing with a memeber who seems to suffer from an issue were too much alchol sometimes leads to psychosis. The last time resulted in serious felony charges. Looking back another serious life altering incident the person had after too much alchol also seemed to have triggered psychosis. Nobody connected the dots until jail time was on the table. And he's had therapists and such at various point of his life. It's now obvious that he can't drink alchol anymore, there's no way to know when one drink will lead to too many drinks to unacceptable behavior. He's also taking some kind of medication. And getting a lot of behavioral therapy. It's very difficuilt to overcome denial mechanisms in this sort of situation. Not just from the person who has the problem but my family contributed to the problem by our own denial systems which didn't take serious issues seriouslly enough - even though we put a lot of pressure on him to get mental health care from time to time. Even now, there's a tendency in the family to blame the police for overreacting with the seriousness of the charges. In the US it's not so easy to get compitent mental health care - hopefully he's in better hands now.