Posted: Mar 26, 2018 1:03 pm
by liz0034

I feel I ought to share my personal experience, which may bring a bit of objectivity to this thread.

My qualified and experienced physiotherapist, also a qualified osteopath, has been treating me for various traumas/sports injuries, for about 4 years.
He has recently passed his exam in micro physiotherapy and I was one of his first patients he got to practice his training on.

It might sound like BS to you guys, but without explaining to me which elements my praticien has worked on, I have systematically felt relieved from long-term pains after each micro physio session.
He simply explained that it relates to the muscles/skin/neuro system and by putting pressure on certain key points it removes blockers that have generated the pain in first instance.
And yes, the man is a professional, not a charlatan and definitely has proven his integrity on numerous occasions!

As for your comment about wiki, the practice is about 30yrs old, so it is not surprising it has not spread over the world yet!
It might not be on wiki or medline, but a study has been published on Pubmed (service of the United States National Library of Medicine), so it is not solely a French/France thing... ... siotherapy

May I suggest you keep an opened eye and vision! ;)