Posted: Mar 27, 2018 6:41 am
by zulumoose
liz0034 wrote:
I feel I ought to share my personal experience, which may bring a bit of objectivity to this thread.

I have systematically felt relieved from long-term pains after each micro physio session.
a study has been published on Pubmed (service of the United States National Library of Medicine), so it is not solely a French/France thing... ... siotherapy

May I suggest you keep an opened eye and vision! ;)

Hi Liz, From the selected points above:-

1) Personal experience is almost the opposite of objectivity, objectivity is achieved by ignoring personal involvement.
2) FEELING relieved is completely subjective, and can only be counted as evidence of anything other than placebo if it is made objective by something like double-blind testing with a control. This is difficult to achieve with a treatment that cannot really be substituted for a placebo without anyone knowing, as you could with a medication.

This does absolutely sound like pseudoscience, and is very reminiscent of Dianetics, the supposed basis of Scientology, just more geared towards the physical rather then the psychological. It is of course possible that they might have discovered a more effective way of encouraging healing than traditional physiotherapy methods, but there would need to be extensive testing and trials for a statistically significant result, since each patient will be an individual case, rendering small studies meaningless.