Posted: Apr 12, 2018 1:04 pm
by Thommo
Keep It Real wrote:
Thommo wrote: I don't want you to hurt yourself (or others) and that's what you're doing.

One cannot make make an omellete without breaking eggs....I aint going back to that fucking cell though still.

You're probably only a couple more of these incidents away from jail time. ABH carries a sentence of up to three years. I suspect, having looked at the sentencing guidelines that you won't get custody from what you describe and what you've told us of your previous convictions, but if you look for yourself you'll see that that isn't necessarily true if you do it again.

It's also true that this very thread where you explain that you have no remorse and pre-meditated your attack also would serve as evidence against mitigation/for aggravation. It would seem a really good idea to limit where you say that.

Reflection on your part about what path you're on and what your acquaintances are getting you into might just save you a pretty miserable time down the line.

I hasten to add I've no legal expertise, so you can ignore my advice all you want. ... vated-abh/