Posted: Apr 20, 2018 3:25 pm
by Sendraks
Keep It Real wrote:It's not called theory of the mind; it's called theory of mind.

Its called a typo.

Keep It Real wrote:Your ignorance of it is irrevocably demonstrated in post #17 where you name it incorrectly.

I'd never heard of it prior to you mentioning it but, then I never pretended to in any of my comments.
And regardless, it is still a typo.

Keep It Real wrote:Attempting to backtrack and make out like you knew all along is completely transparant

Did I make out I knew it along? Please quote me where I did. :coffee:

Keep It Real wrote:- your post above is reminiscent of contemptible ego fragility. Bigupz.

My post is reminiscent of that because of shit you made up? :think: