Posted: Jul 22, 2018 2:22 am
by Hermit
DavidMcC wrote:Macdoc, I trust that you realise that all the illusions you have posted are dependent on the computer monitor, with its rapidly changing display, designed to fool your (slow) eyes into thinking that you are seeing moving images, for example. Thus, you are talking about effects that our eyes did not evolve to "see through", so to speak.
EDIT: So you are right not to trust your eyes, WHEN WATCHING TV SCREENS OR COMPUTER MONITORS.

Have you bothered to test your bullshit before posting it?

I printed the illustration shown in post #11 as a few others out on paper a few years ago. Same effect. My cat detects the illusory movements on the printed paper too. When I leave them on the floor she tries to trap the moving bits under her paws. She Ignores printed sheets without apparent movement or just sits on them.