Posted: Dec 21, 2018 10:35 pm
by Hardcoreathiest
Imagination Theory wrote:I've told my doctors about it but they didn't give me a name. I have these "flash forwards" about bad stuff happening, for example I am going for a run and then I think somebody will jump out from the woods and stab me, sometimes I die right away as they slit my throat or stab me in the chest and sometimes I'm able to fight them off and kill them or at least knock them out, but than I die because I bleed out and no one is around to help or sometimes I live but then lose my job and than become homeless or I'm at home there is a lighting storm and I think electricity will start a fire, sometimes we live but everything is lost, other times my husband and pets die as I almost get them out of the burning house or other times we get hit by a car and than a train crashes into us and we die or I live but am paralyzed and my husband dies and on and on about everything in sightly different ways, even zombies. It's like a day dream. I don't really think those things are going to happen necessarily, but I do get stressed and I have 1000 plans in case they do. What's that called? Because saying "flash forward" makes people think I think it is a vision or that I think it is more likely than is statistically likely. I tried Google and it seems like they think it is day dreaming. But that makes it sound like it is something good. There has to be a word, right. :think:

Brain, stars, universe. Brain contains by and large 10 to 11 neurons and much much more synapses. Stars... we see some 6000 on the night sky by bare eyes. Brain is the uppermost complicated interface we have ever found in the universe despite its negligible size.