Posted: Aug 14, 2019 1:55 am
by ogger
Hermit wrote:There is a lot of rubbish written about the lateralization of brain function. The book you're reading appears to be infected by some of it. Easy to use antidote here.

You mentioned three books in the six posts you made so far, and all of them are a bit on the nose in one way or another. If they were recommended by some individual or school, I suggest you steer clear of them in future and find help from someone with a more rigorously scientific approach to the issues you're trying to learn about.

Seems like everyone got the question wrong here. Asymmetry mentioned here is not "right brained- left brained" "one side is creative-other is good with math stuff". It is about activity of hemispheres and its correlation with positive and negative emotions and set of behavior. There are a quite number of research done to support this, which I can give links to papers in request. But basically it is found that more activity at one part causes some emotions to be more significant(it can sustained throughout individuals life period) and leads to certain behavior patterns like staying with your mom rather than going and playing with other kids etc.

But the research I mentioned is here: ... 3911402392

A quote from paper to give you the idea:
"Jansari, Tranel, and Adolphs (2000) presented participants with pairs of faces, and asked them to determine which face was happy or sad. Consistent with left-hemisphere lateralization of approach motivation, participants were better able to discriminate “happy” faces when they appeared in the right visual field (projects to the left hemisphere), whereas they made more efficient “sad” discriminations for faces falling in the left visual field (projects to the right hemisphere)"

But the paper is a bit heavy for me now, and I couldn't get the idea of "approach" and "avoidance".

And I made three posts so far including this, one was about academia so it shouldn't be count as psychology and neuroscience question. And I mentioned just one book so far. Is it possible that I am confused with someone else :scratch: