Posted: Aug 25, 2019 10:06 am
by Cito di Pense
Keep It Real wrote:It's subjective, denoting a value to one's worth/excellence/craposity. Oh's impossible to say anything nice about Hitler...or at least taboo...I'll have a go...ahem....if it wasn't for Hitler and the Nazis we wouldn't be living in a relatively peaceful world since the end of WW2 due to nukes and MAD. Looking your toddler son in the eye and saying sternly, grim faced, repeatedly "you're SPECIAL" is probs not good parenting however.

Parenting is difficult, running a course between being too obsessive about the child's needs and development, and being too oblivious to it. Parents learn as they go, but they might be products of bad parenting, themselves. People write manuals about how to be a good parent, but there's no consensus about whether or not any of them knows what they're doing. Maybe somebody learned how to deliver all that grim-faced praise from a parenting manual of dubious provenance. Sic semper psychobabblorum.