Posted: Sep 03, 2019 6:10 am
by Hermit
Don't worry too much about Cito's abrasive communication style, ogger. It's how he gets his kicks, and his impulse control is substandard. ;)

Rather than dive straight into social psychology, I suggest you have a look, at least briefly, at the field of sociology first. A book I can thoroughly recommend is Invitation to Sociology by Peter Berger. Though rather old now, (it was published in 1963) it really is a good introduction, at least to western style societies. It also possesses two properties I value highly: 1) It is a slim book. That means it is not particularly technical. 2) It is written in a fluent style, which makes it an easy read.

Another book I can recommend is The Social Construction of Reality. It is written by the same author, this time along with Thomas Luckmann. It is also a slim volume. Unfortunately it is a bit stodgy and repetitive. Still worth persevering with.

I think once you have gained a bit of a sociological overview you'll have an easier time digesting tomes on psychology. You'll probably be better equipped to decide which approaches to psychology to leave aside and which ones to focus on.