Posted: Feb 06, 2020 2:58 pm
by Keep It Real
SafeAsMilk wrote:
Keep It Real wrote:
SafeAsMilk wrote:You haven't quite hit the mark.

All he's saying is you want to smoke because you enjoy it, so forcing yourself to stop doing it is a sacrifice because you're denying yourself that pleasure. That's all. Adding holograms or whatever bullshit doesn't clarify anything at all.

What is responsible for the difficulty is the mental addiction which causes us to feel that we’re making a sacrifice, that we’re being forced to give up a genuine pleasure or crutch and that we are therefore being deprived.

He also downplays nicotine addiction, which makes him a fucking quack. Nicotine is, by all objective measures, incredibly addictive.

WRONG - the mental addiction he's reffering to to is an entirely fabricated web of cognitive errors which INCLUDES to a very large degree (IMO) the cognitive error of creating "sacrifice holograms" as I have described in post #30.

I'll ask you too - have you actually read the book?

I don't read self-help quackery. I did better -- I quoted his very words right there for you to read. Meanwhile all you've done is posted your interpretation of his words, and as your posting history has shown, interpretation isn't your forte.

People enjoy and get pleasure out of smoking, that isn't a fabricated web of cognitive errors, it's a fact. By denying yourself that pleasure, you feel you are making a sacrifice.

You're on my ignore list for the foreseeable now SAM. I've had it with the inane stupidity of your posts. Goodbye.