Posted: Feb 06, 2020 5:49 pm
by Fallible
Again, you’re trying to blame people for not taking you at your word. There’s a reason I’m not taking you at your word, your word makes no sense. I wanted to see if the actual text made the point, and it was just your explanatory power that was off, or whether you just mistook or concocted what was said and used your mistake as a platform for an extraneous entity. So far it looks like the latter, because the part about being urged to stop smoking due to the harm it does, and photos, causing the desire to smoke, which you term sacrifice holograms, makes no sense. None. Occam’s razor. A source can be held in high esteem or none. That doesn’t alter the need to actually see it as the only way to know if it says what someone claims it does.

It looks to me like you have nothing. Without the actual quote, there’s no other conclusion. I am not minded to believe you, because you’ve done this sort of thing before.